Tips on Finding an experienced Dallas Business Attorney

John F. Kennedy said, “The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” In context the phrase was a call to action.  It also was sage advice on a much broader level. When you are thinking about your business plan and looking toward the future, your legal needs are not necessarily at the top of your priorities. But, don’t wait for April showers to fix your roof and don’t put off thinking about an experienced business attorney until you are facing a legal problem. Planning today can save you money tomorrow.

Read on for tips on finding an experienced business attorney in Dallas.

Be Prepared

Early preparation when starting a business is not only good for your business but it could save much heartache and anxiety when you least need to deal with legal issues that will be confronted by most businesses. Rather than wait until you need an experienced business attorney, find an experienced business attorney before you need one, and avoid the panic.

In the throes of a crises one might find that the pressure of the circumstances don’t allow an informed choice. This could lead to higher than necessary costs in the long run. The time to do your research is before the need arises, because the need is likely to happen to every successful business.

Use Your Network

Use your business network to find referrals. Other business owners or members of your community may be willing to recommend their business attorney. Approach friends, customers or members of a business association for suggestions.

Ask about the attorney’s level of experience and ability to effectively communicate.  Will the experienced attorney directly handle your needs or will other lawyers in the firm that you have not met handle your business.

Refer to the Local and State Bar Associations

The Texas Bar Association maintains a list of attorneys and law firms and will designate whether the individual is eligible to practice law in the State of Texas.  You can also call the Bar Association in your locality or search their website.

The Dallas Bar Association has a lawyer referral service. Attorneys are screened prior to being listed on the lawyer referral website. All attorneys that participate in the referral program are required to maintain  professional liability insurance.  In many cases you may benefit from a low-cost initial consultation.

Ask a Lawyer

If you have used a lawyer for some other matter such as buying real estate, ask them for a referral. Lawyers will often know about the reputation of other lawyers even if they operate outside of their area of practice. They might be able to recommend an attorney they know or that has a good reputation in the area of law that is of current concern.

Check out a Dallas Business Attorney

Once you have identified an experienced Dallas business attorney with a good reputation,

compare their costs to other attorneys and whether they can cover the range of work you may require. Does the attorney office in a tall building with hundreds of partners and with the accompanying overhead that will affect the cost of their representation?  Is that what is needed for your case?  In some instances, the answer may be yes.  But even large companies are rebelling against “Big Law” rates.

Once you have interviewed potential attorneys, select your experienced Dallas business attorney.

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