What is the role of a lawyer as a counselor to business contracts or transactions?


Different businesses surround us, and these businesses cannot effectively run without integrating basic legal norms in their everyday transactions.  This is where business lawyers are needed. Business lawyers, as the name implies, are in charge of business matters, which may include intellectual property rights, employment, mergers and acquisitions, and contract drafting. Some business lawyers focus on legal business tasks, such as forming a company or drafting an effective non-disclosure agreement. Other business lawyers may focus more on employment issues or taxation compliance.


The often-used term “corporate lawyer,” is a synonym for business lawyers because this area of practice focuses on legal work for business like corporations, partnerships, and limited liability entities such as a Limited Liability Corporation (“LLC”) or a Limited Liability Partnership (“LLP”). In the broadest sense, business law practice varies substantially.


There are two main types of business lawyers—business litigation lawyers and business transaction lawyers.


Business litigation lawyers handle lawsuits like when somebody sues a company for violations on the terms of a contract. Business transaction lawyers handle, as the name suggests, transactions like negotiating deals and drafting documents like employment agreements and other contracts. The majority of business lawyers are transactional lawyers who either maintain a private practice to advise and serve a wide range of business entities, or work in-house for a business entity, governmental entity, or bank. Wherever a business transaction lawyer works, their job is to advise businesses or governmental entities on the many issues associated with forming and operating a business.


The business attorney working in private practice commonly advises a diverse set of clients, including closely held, publicly traded and even multinational companies. Many business lawyers also represent financial institutions, such as banks, investment banks, and institutional investors, such as insurance companies, pension funds, mutual funds, private equity funds and hedge funds.


The added benefit of this arrangement is that companies can still get quality and experienced legal services, without the associated overhead of a full time employee.


Attorney Stephen Rizzieri focuses his practice on business transactions and uses his 35 plus years of experience to assist a variety of business in the North Texas area. Mr. Rizzieri’s services cover the wide range of challenges and opportunities business clients may encounter throughout the business life cycle, from formation to mergers and acquisitions, daily operations to business and negotiated transactions, financing and project development to purchases and sales agreements, and corporate governance to sophisticated and experienced dispute resolution. Businesses require an attorney who not only has broad experience and skills in a wide variety of legal disciplines, but who also has financial know-how and practical business applications experience.


Many business transaction lawyers offer general counsel services, which means a company or governmental department hires them to provide general legal advice. Many companies hire attorneys like Mr. Rizzieri to serve in this capacity either in the short term for a small project or overflow legal work, or as virtual counsel to handle all of the company’s legal needs. The added benefit of this arrangement is that companies can still get quality and experienced legal services, without the associated overhead of a full time employee. General counsel services require experience and expertise from someone who is familiar with the legal and business challenges a company may face. Attorneys like Mr. Rizzieri have experience in both areas and are able to come up with creative and effective solutions to meet every client’s needs.


Today’s business legal practice emphasizes creative and practical solutions to the issues and problems that arise in a complex and competitive financing and business environment. This complexity is due in part to the expansion of America’s regulatory state, which requires business lawyers to develop expertise in a wide variety of domestic legal issues. In structuring and implementing transactions or providing advice on continuing business and commercial matters, business lawyers must be able to coordinate with specialists in other practice areas, such as tax, employee benefits, antitrust law and environmental law. Therefore, to effectively serve business in this environment, business lawyers must be responsive, collaborative, efficient, and sensitive to the needs of the client in a rapidly changing environment.


Stephen Rizzieri’s many years of experience place him in a unique position to guide business entities through ever changing and complex financing and business environments. Mr. Rizzieri has the business acumen necessary to appropriately and effectively advise business on a wide array of legal matters. At the same time, Mr. Rizzieri works hard to stay up-to-date on the regulatory and legal issues that domestic business may face. Whether you need a one-time solution for your legal business issue, or long-term general legal service, Mr. Rizzieri is here to help.


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