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Scrutinizing language in every day contracts as well as major transactions can be challenging and time-consuming, but it is a valuable investment to make. Simply overlooking a seemingly minor detail can lead to significant business disruption, relationship challenges or disputes. Failing to comply with the provisions of a contract can lead to lost manpower, time and cash consuming disputes for breach, whether the breach was intended or not. Risk mitigation is an everyday necessity in our increasingly litigious complex business environment.

Attorney Stephen Rizzieri offers ongoing representation for entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, managers, families, and individuals who need experienced counsel for both business and personal contracts and transactions.

Attorney Stephen Rizzieri is a deal-driven lawyer, whose experience spans more than 35 years in a variety of disciplines, including project development, corporate and project based financial closings, and general business and commercial law issues. Cost effective general counsel services are offered in conjunction with company counsel that may have time limitations, or to individuals, entrepreneurs or businesses that do not have in house counsel. Time and cost efficient representation is offered at a savings to big firms with large overhead.

Attorney Stephen Rizzieri can help you make informed, thoughtful and strategic decisions related to:

  • Contracts and agreements: Whether you have a quick question, need help with entity formation, business and negotiated transactions, or confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements for individuals and business enterprises, associates or employees, Attorney Stephen Rizzieri has the experience to handle your needs in a cost effective manner in large-scale projects or simple and complex contract reviews. Attorney Stephen Rizzieri is available to draft, review and negotiate agreements as well as resolve disputes through collaborative non-litigation means as they arise.
  • Financing and project development for domestic and international construction and operating projects: Attorney Stephen Rizzieri has handled projects within the United States as well as for clients with business dealings with companies in China, India, Nepal, West Africa, Southeast Asia, and other areas. His experience in complex transactions and as an Executive Officer and Chief Legal Officer of an operating company makes him an efficient adviser on “everyday” projects for domestic businesses as well.
  • Business start-ups, purchases and sales agreements, mergers and acquisitions: Whether you are starting from scratch or investing in an established business, you must consider how to organize entity relationships, determine appropriate contracting responsibilities, operations, employees, vendors, property owners, and entity and personal liabilities. Attorney Stephen Rizzieri knows how to bring together these disparate topics in an efficient and cost-effective manner to position your business for success.

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