Are My Business Contracts Binding?

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My Business Contracts - Are They Binding? All businesses should use contracts to govern their most important relationships. If you are just now thinking about starting a business, keep in mind that contracts help to protect you from potentially risky business relationships and disputes. It’s a tool to lay out the responsibilities and rights of all [...]

Qualities of the Best Lawyers in Dallas

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6 Qualities of the Best Attorneys in Dallas There are good lawyers and there are other lawyers. It's not always easy to discern between the two, so you've got to know what to look for during your search for a lawyer and during your consultation. Certain characteristics will make good lawyers in Dallas stand out from [...]

6 Benefits of Starting a Business in Texas

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Starting a Business in Texas How big is Texas? Well, if it were a nation, it could be the tenth largest economy in the world! It ranks high on nearly every list of best states to do business, thanks in large part to several advantages the state of Texas and many Texas cities offer companies looking [...]

Real Estate Law From a Dallas Business Attorney: TREC and the Seller’s Disclosure Notice

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TREC and the Seller's Disclosure Notice The Sellers' Market and Things That Go Bump in the Night The Texas Property Code requires the seller of a single residential property to deliver the Texas Association of Realtor’s “Seller’s Disclosure Notice” ....is it worth it? The Disclosure Notice is supposed to be a factual statement of the seller’s [...]