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The Role Of A Lawyer As A Counselor To Business Contracts Or Transactions

2020-05-20T21:05:58+00:00Categories: Contracts And Negotiation, Contracts and Transactions|

What is the role of a lawyer as a counselor to business contracts or transactions?   Different businesses surround us, and these businesses cannot effectively run without integrating basic legal norms in their everyday transactions.  This is where business lawyers are needed. Business lawyers, as the name implies, are in charge of business matters, which may [...]

Negotiations for Lawyers 101: Employment of a “Fair” Objective Criteria

2019-03-29T18:15:29+00:00Categories: Business Negotiations, LSR Law Firm|Tags: |

One of the primary tasks you have when negotiating on behalf of your clients is to maintain the perception of and quest for fairness. In most cases, fairness comes down to somewhat objective standards. These can be things like precedent, market value, expert opinion, etc. A key step to reaching an equitable settlement is getting both [...]

Construction Contract Provisions: Scope of Work and Incorporation by Reference

2019-03-01T00:18:59+00:00Categories: Construction Contract|

Construction contracts can be quite daunting. They contain literally hundreds to thousands of pages depending on the project. Included in the myriad of texts are geotechnical reports, specs, drawings, special and general conditions, and more. Understanding, let alone digesting and following the volumes of information in a construction contract is monumental, to say the least. In [...]

Reaching an Out-of-Court Settlement

2020-05-20T21:07:08+00:00Categories: Business Negotiations, Contracts And Negotiation|

Negotiating a settlement out-of-court can not only save both parties time and money, but it can free up the court system for other cases that cannot possibly be solved out-of-court. Still, this can be a lengthy process in and of itself, which is why you should always retain a trusted business attorney to assist in your [...]

Negotiations for Lawyers 101: Information Is Power

2020-05-20T21:08:52+00:00Categories: Business Negotiations, Contracts And Negotiation|

Making a negotiation mistake can be easier to do than many realize. Imagine you receive an offer via email late on a Friday from a vendor to your business and do not look at it over the weekend. Then they call you up on Monday to discuss the offer. Might seem like having this discussion is [...]

Contract Negotiations – 3 Quick Tips

2020-05-20T21:10:27+00:00Categories: Contracts And Negotiation|

  Anytime you enter into a legally-binding business agreement, a written contract is essential. Along with that comes the need to negotiate the terms of the contract before signing. Contract negotiations can be should be handled formally, such as being represented by your business attorney. Contracts could be formed, intentionally or not, through an informal series [...]

Some Legal Considerations to Think About Before Purchasing a Franchise

2019-03-29T17:46:28+00:00Categories: Business Franchises|

Some Legal Considerations to Think About Before Purchasing a Franchise Buying a franchise is an exciting way to become a business owner that offers a lot of unique advantages to the right owner in the right market. This typically includes a large support system and elevated brand recognition but comes in exchange for the typical independence [...]

How to Recognize and Avoid Bad Faith Negotiation Tactics

2019-03-29T17:47:51+00:00Categories: Business Negotiations|

How to Recognize and Avoid Bad Faith Negotiation Tactics No matter what you are negotiating – be it a lease, settlement, commercial or vendor contract – there is a lot at stake during this tedious process. What only makes matters worse is that you have no guarantee that the other party is being 100% legitimate. Sure, [...]

Three Ways You Can Resolve a Home Construction Defect Dispute

2019-03-01T00:03:17+00:00Categories: Business Dispute|

Three Ways You Can Resolve a Home Construction Defect Dispute Many of the complaints owners have about the construction of their new home fall into the category of “cosmetic.” These can be minor or more serious issues. Some may be resolved before closing on the purchase. Others may not be discovered until a later time. Anything [...]

What Happens Next If a Party Breaches a Business Contract?

2020-05-20T21:12:19+00:00Categories: Contracts And Negotiation|

What Happens Next If a Party Breaches a Business Contract? If you own a business or are thinking about starting one, using contracts is a great way to protect you and your business. Contracts go hand in hand with maintaining strong, mutually-beneficial relationships with the key stakeholders that keep your business alive. This includes, customers, partners, [...]