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Big Business: Why Every Corporation Needs an Experienced Law Firm

2018-05-07T21:41:24+00:00Categories: Business Formation, LSR Law Firm|

Why Every Business Should Work With an Experienced Law Firm Every business, large or small, is a “big” business and needs to hire an accountant and an experienced lawyer and law firm. The reasons for hiring an accountant seem obvious, but the reasons for needing an experienced lawyer and law firm may not seem quite as [...]

Qualities of the Best Lawyers in Dallas

2018-04-27T14:55:16+00:00Categories: LSR Law Firm, Uncategorized|

6 Qualities of the Best Attorneys in Dallas There are good lawyers and there are other lawyers. It's not always easy to discern between the two, so you've got to know what to look for during your search for a lawyer and during your consultation. Certain characteristics will make good lawyers in Dallas stand out from [...]

Tips on Finding an experienced Dallas Business Attorney

2018-05-07T21:40:22+00:00Categories: LSR Law Firm|

Tips on Finding an experienced Dallas Business Attorney John F. Kennedy said, "The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining." In context the phrase was a call to action.  It also was sage advice on a much broader level. When you are thinking about your business plan and looking toward the future, [...]

Why Freelancers Should Consider Formation of a LLC in Texas

2018-04-26T22:16:58+00:00Categories: Business Formation|

Why Freelancers Should Consider Formation of a LLC in Texas Are you a freelancer in Texas? In today's "gig economy" a lot of people work full-time as a freelancer or moonlight for extra cash. The fact is that there are many reasons that compel people to work as a contractor. Despite that, many fail to really [...]

From a Company Lawyer: Avoid These Business Mistakes

2018-04-26T22:18:03+00:00Categories: Business Formation, LSR Law Firm|

Advice from The Company Lawyer: 4 Mistakes to Avoid Is your head spinning trying to understand all the laws surrounding your business, large or small? Mistakes that lead to legal pitfalls and lawsuits can cost small businesses big time. Did you know that many small business owners worry about being targeted by disgruntled customers, contractors, employees and others [...]

6 Benefits of Starting a Business in Texas

2018-04-27T13:53:36+00:00Categories: Business Formation, LSR Law Firm, Uncategorized|

Starting a Business in Texas How big is Texas? Well, if it were a nation, it could be the tenth largest economy in the world! It ranks high on nearly every list of best states to do business, thanks in large part to several advantages the state of Texas and many Texas cities offer companies looking [...]

How to Set Up Your Business in Texas

2018-04-27T13:54:42+00:00Categories: Business Formation|

How to Set Up Your Business in Texas You've decided to start your own business in Texas. Congratulations! It doesn't matter whether you're pursuing your passion or starting up a side job. Creating your own business in Texas can be a rewarding experience. Unfortunately, deciding to start a business is not the same as starting one. You need to get your [...]

Real Estate Law From a Dallas Business Attorney: TREC and the Seller’s Disclosure Notice

2018-04-27T13:55:40+00:00Categories: Uncategorized|

TREC and the Seller's Disclosure Notice The Sellers' Market and Things That Go Bump in the Night The Texas Property Code requires the seller of a single residential property to deliver the Texas Association of Realtor’s “Seller’s Disclosure Notice” it worth it? The Disclosure Notice is supposed to be a factual statement of the seller’s [...]

Outside General Counsel

2018-04-27T13:57:06+00:00Categories: LSR Law Firm|

Outside General Counsel Services An On Call Business Attorney Many companies rely on the expertise of outside general counsel to fill a void on their executive org chart... and for good reason! An outside general counsel, while not a full time employee, is a "go-to" resource that has acquired an understanding and familiarity with the nuances [...]

Startup and Business Formation Concerns

2018-03-30T20:46:45+00:00Categories: Business Formation|

Business Startup and Company Formation Concerns You developed a new business concept and an innovative marketing plan. You want to raise money to accelerate your start-up and launch the business. One day you hope to franchise your concept and by now you realize that you need startup capital. You learned from the bank that you do [...]