Alternatives to Litigation and Arbitration

If you would like the chance to control the outcome of your dispute, with a chance of maintaining your emotional and financial well-being then you should consider the civil collaborative law process to resolve your business, family, probate, employment, medical, account, insurance and other business related disputes.

The civil collaborative dispute resolution process provides an alternative to a potentially scorched-earth, no-holds-barred court fight with potential catastrophic emotional, financial and business consequences (as the worst scenario) and an imposed resolution, enforceable through further court action (as the possible best scenario).

If you decide to pursue litigation or arbitration to resolve your business and family differences, you are turning over the final outcome of your dispute to individuals that are detached from your real world problems. Whether your dirty laundry is aired before a judge, a jury or a single or panel of arbitrators, none of those individuals have a vested interest in the outcome.  I would say that you take your chances of winning or losing in either case, but the truth is that both sides may lose!

Civil Collaborative Law

The civil collaborative law process is the application of principles that allow family, friends and adversaries to work together through open communication and participate in the determination of an outcome that they will have to live with after the judge, jury and lawyers have gone home.

The process has been formally enacted in many states. In Texas, a small group of forward-thinking advocates of the civil collaborative law process has formed in an effort to promote a better approach to the traditional time and cash consuming age-old way of resolving disputes.

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